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So last night’s post might’ve been a little shocking to some but I felt it was important to share those uncomfortable moments in life.

When we share events like this with family and friends they only hear bits and pieces sometimes.. they don’t understand the extent of the changes.

I thought it would be important to be the voice for my husband I love very much but he’s a very private man.

Is important that men get more support with prostate cancer and with the experimental opportunities that are out there for men to feel like men again. It’s shameful that BC medical will not cover medication for my husband, but they’ll pay thousands of dollars for new breasts for breast cancer survivors

survivors of prostate cancer don’t get the same support. And I get it you can’t rebuild a prostate but you can provide medical treatments under the Medicare act that will aid in helping men regain the opportunity to use all the rest of the parts that work. My husband is not an amputee.. he just needs medical assistance to maintain those body parts..

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