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Prostate cancer #

So my husband is recuperating from prostate cancer as you know and we’ve kind of been experimenting with getting that whole blood flow going. Prostate cancer is kind of dealt within waves depending on what treatment you choose to do and my husbands cancer is very aggressive so they had an aggressive treatment plan

So having adult time sometime is difficult because the parts don’t work the same way .

We invested in a treatment plan that’s not covered under medical insurance but gave my husband an opportunity to feel like a man And then I had to deal with feeling so sorry when we overinjected a little bit and he had a seven hour hard on… feel sorry for the man who had a seven hour hard on… I had no idea what to do after the fourth hour But I think it was great that That he got to experience that Feeling again. Times are crazy just find whatever treatment works for you I love my husband and I’m happy that he got that.

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