Simple life.. what is that??

Nothing is simple in life. Every day we wake up with the hope that today is going to be a great day, we’re going to achieve something , reach an important health goal, pay a bill off in full, spend that quality time with our children, our loved ones, but it seems that something always comes up to change those plans.

I am sure I have said a many times “best laid plans are always an exercise in futility” The whole prostate cancer situation with my husband is a prime example. I think I spend more time focussing on getting him healthy than he does.

And I must say that this really does concern me, if I’m more concerned about his health than he is, does that mean he just doesn’t care anymore? Do I need to look into additional resources for him? Maybe I need additional resources for me.

It’s never easy when you have an adult who has his own voice, his own thoughts, his own wishes, He doesn’t want to feel like he’s being parented, he wants to feel like he’s being loved by his spouse.

In my defence it comes down to him not following doctors orders, not getting the testing that he needs done to verify that the treatment has been successful, because he’s so hyper focused and invested in whether or not his manhood is going to work in the future, nothing else seems to be important to him!

We have had deep conversations about our intimate relations, and we agree it is super important to be intimate , but there’s so much more to relationships than just the physical act. It scares me to think that my husband thinks his value as a man “ is only viable with a working penis”. it’s the laser focus on one body part that occupies his mind all the time..

My mind works differently than his does!

My thought process is .. as long as he’s healthy then I’m OK, our intimacy is what it is and what it will be, and I don’t need a “pounding” to make me feel like a woman. I just need my man to be happy and healthy, the rest will always fall in place.

What do you think?

One response to “Simple life.. what is that??”

  1. I agree! Intimacy is so much more than the physical act of sexual intercourse.

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