I thought I’d stop and take the time today to share a peek in on a new project that I will be starting very soon.

Rebels Story is going to become more detailed and that project will be on its own.

I am beginning a blog about Prostate Cancer. My husband had/has prostate cancer ( surgery less than a year) and there needs to be more conversations about mens mental health when dealing with cancers. So my hope is to make this blog interactive..

Face it .. Men just don’t like to “talk” about health issues. Can we start a conversation? Can we share experiences and treatments?

Let’s start the conversation with a “prostate cancer diagnosis”. As “manhood questions” top the list of thoughts racing through a brain when those words are first heard….

My husband has had a radical prostatectomy! His markers were high and his father died from the same illness so a quick decision was needed and he chose that treatment method.

It’s important to understand that radical is very aggressive and the process to perform this particular procedure is not delicate. They don’t really explain in detail what exactly is they’re going to do. In my husbands process we went to the doctors together and there was not a good explanation of how soon or how complete the healing process would be…

It takes a really long time to heal from this type of surgery. And while all that healing “physically” is going on the questions “mentally” are not answered “will or will IT not” perform the way it did before?

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