What is..:

What is the right time to actually end a relationship with someone. Whether it be parent, sibling; friend, neighbour. At what point in time do you need to make the decision of when the relationship is healthy and when it isn’t? I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m probably “bat shit” crazy these days because I have so much going on , I am really struggling every day.

I am embracing my sobriety for over two years and my gift from the beyond, was gifting my husband prostate cancer. I have people that keep popping in and out of my life for their own benefit, And in some cases I feel used because again I allowed these people into my life thinking that they were friends .. but they were actually just taking advantage of an opportunity to get out of their own space for a while.

And I get that that sometimes it’s great to get out of your own space and let’s get out there and party , but you can’t do that at the expense of somebody else’s feelings emotions and mental health.

People that I thought were my friends actually used me for what I had.. I set myself up for that thinking they were actually friends. My feelings about what a friend is is totally different from some. “ Hey lady when I planned and totally organized your wedding in my back yard, it would of been lovely for you to acknowledge mine! I get it my wedding did not fit into your vacation schedule or actually on your calendar at all but really!!!

2 responses to “What is..:”

  1. It’s ok to protect yourself from anyone whether it’s family or so called friends. I’m sorry you are struggling. I think you are amazing and I’m happy to see you on the road of sobriety. I pray that your future is filled with lots of joy and peace. Sending hugs xo

  2. Some people just suck!!

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