A Response!!

My mother actually posted on my blog the other day. It was a little bit of a shock to me as I wasn’t aware that she was actually reading it. But it did make me pause for a few days to stop and think about my content.

I stopped to think about how this story would affect her, but realistically “this is truth” everything that I’ve posted in my story happened, so there’s nothing that anybody can say about being untrue or unfair or unjust. This is absolutely my version of the events of my life

And I guess if a few tears are shed by my mother or my brothers, or sisters or, anyone who is involved in the story because it’s uncomfortable for them, I am not going to be apologetic.

I have intentionally left names and cities out of Rebels Story to try to protect innocent individuals (my children would be one good example), but as for the rest who can put “two and two” together or who know exactly who you are I don’t feel bad that you’re reading this.

I chose to use this method as a form of healing for myself. Counsellors, Psychologists and even one Psychiatrist told me that I should be journaling, that I needed to find a release for all this trauma that I’ve experienced in my life because it was making me sick. Through the years I’ve bought many different types of journals to actually write this stuff down, but never got past the first page.

Here I am finally vomiting the traumatic story of a little girl who never was given the opportunity to actually be a child. The whole process has made me cycle through sober emotions that I’ve never had to actually deal with because I didn’t face them in the past. Alcohol, drugs and avoidance ensured my protection from having to deal with any of that. Unfortunately it all comes to an end with a realization that you can’t continue to live your life hiding from the truth…..

3 responses to “A Response!!”

  1. 💕💕💕💕.

  2. I admire your courageous dedication to sharing your life as you experienced it.

    1. Thank you !! Xoxo

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