Things really heated up!!

Now to say that life was a challenge would be glossing over so much that happen during those years.

I’m going to do exactly that and jump ahead and leave some of this “anguish” behind for just a little bit. The loss of that little boy in my life has been a very heavy burden for me to carry, I robbed him of a family life by my choices “ generational trauma repeats itself” but it felt to him that he lost his mother, I fought for him everyday but he didn’t see that.. the boys would fight now.. (Why did I not get to live at home…. !!!) sibling rivalry, it is tough when the youngest is referred to as the “only”. I continued to bring my son home..and continued to fight!!

The next event in our life affected everyone deeply, the home that we had bought and slowly renovating , caught on fire and burnt , a simple evening at home folding laundry and loss… again !! Middle of a cold winter, kids, cats , dog. and homeless.

We were insured but there’s no way to replace all those special books the boys had, lots of books I read to them from day one!! More books.. ornaments, pictures and all that beautiful furniture I worked so hard to buy!! We were sitting in a friends kitchen, trying to organize our lives!! It is like having to start all over, but now you have also lost your children’s memories, and comfort and stability!!

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