Taking Care of Me!!

Once we settled in in Florida the girls started to teach me what I needed to know to be safe, and to make money. We worked on costumes together and once my fake ID was ready I started to work as a dancer during bike week in Daytona.

I was always very lucky to attract people close to me, that cared,. The girls who were showing me the ropes really did treat me like a little sister. they educated me very quickly on what to look for when travelling and how to get booked into the best clubs , Daytona during bike week is absolutely crazy there are thousands and thousands of people. Awesome about that is that there’s also thousands and thousands of dollars to be made. And I learned very quickly how to tuck my cash away.

I didn’t actually have a bank account so I had to make sure that my bills were small so I cashed all my little bills into hundreds and tucked them away. Once we were completed the circuit the girls and I headed back home. I moved in with one of the girls who had taken me under her wing and we had a ball. When we weren’t working in the clubs we were out in the bars having a good time.

Funny thing is I didn’t drink at all and I certainly didn’t do a whole lot of drugs at that point in time that came later! My grandmother was happy to have me home for a bit, and I made my rounds to visit my siblings and step momma!! I spent the cash I earned on my family. I bought the kids their first computer and tried to spoil them whenever I could!

The police and CFS were still on the look out but I made a deal with my family.. they don’t tell and I don’t disappear and never speak to them again.

For a little pocket of time I had peace. Until one evening my close friend died on her way home from working( I was supposed be at work as well but I was sick so stayed home) The driver of the car she was in. left the road over a train track bridge the car flipped and it landed upside down on the tracks. Both were killed instantly.

I was devastated and this was the first time I experienced physical illness due to the stress and sorrow! I went to her funeral wearing her favourite dress and I said goodbye I know I will see her again .. She still speaks to me and I often hear her laughter!

It was really this point in time that I realize that I had to become self-sufficient. I needed help to get canadian identification set up so that I could work in Canada. With a good amount of cash and patience I finally got a good set of ID. I was able to rent an apartment and open a bank account. I bought furniture, clothing, household items and made myself a nice little home in a high rise where a couple other dancers lived! ( we would always chose security buildings for safety. )

In this city I was able to work at one or 2 clubs at the same time. We worked 8 hour shifts dancing, and serving. I was popular and made very good money!! I was in charge and had control of my life. I kept myself busy when not working because I did not like “ getting into my head’. Life seemed good but I was so very lonely , still confused and angry with my mother and my father. Still super confused sexually in that I had no idea what is normal in sexual relationships . I was about to meet someone that would change me forever!!

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