Red Flags ohh my!!

I have to say that it’s kind of funny today is the actual wedding anniversary from that particular marriage. I am sure when I got married that day I never expected to be sitting today writing about it in the past tense. But I’m sure that people don’t get married ever thinking that it’s going to be end.

There were signs that I should of paid attention to early on in our relationship. The first red flag should’ve been when he brought me to a local restaurant for lunch. What should of been a nice outing turned into a super awkward moment in our relationship. it seemed the reason why he wanted to take me to this restaurant was just show me off to a woman that he had been sleeping with. She was married, and happen to be a friend of his mother’s. I clued into this is when she saw me she started bawling and ran back into kitchen!! He went to her and then tried to explain his way around it to me.

Red flag number 2 Was that he had a really poor relationship with his family, he actually referred to his mother as the BITCH. Now that being said I did not have the best relationship with mine, but I certainly never referred to her that way and wouldn’t. I figured they just had a falling out and it would work itself out. I actually worked really hard to try and restore that relationship between him and his parents and eventually they mended their fences. Ironic that at the end as hard as I worked to put their family back together again, that they stood by him and backed him up when he was a lying cheat.

I allowed myself to be blinded to all the signs, I just wanted to settle down, have a family and raise my son with this man. I have to admit I was a pretty poor judge of character at that point in my life. I allowed myself to be blinded by the dream, and as I get a little bit deeper into this particular relationship you’ll see how much it cost me for wearing those blinders….

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