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Rebranding 80’s Style

Now .. I really had to stop for a little reflection…on how I felt at each point of those new adventures..and it seems to me that I made my way through most of it by… just not thinking.

I know it’s hard to understand “by not” thinking but when you live in “survival mode” and you’re constantly in hyper vigilant mind space, you really have to pick and choose what it is you’re going to deal with that day.

I chose to hit up mom for a couple of bucks to go shopping for some new work clothes. So that I could begin this new adventure, It ended up being a good choice and I was flourishing and learning about a new career.

I know people make jokes about car salesmen but I was blessed to be surrounded by a kind ,very helpful team. They were patient with me and I like to believe I was part of the team!!

One particular event really sticks out in my mind.. The dealership was having a special sale and we needed to move a bunch of cars off site. That meant all hands on deck to move these cars .. I had happened to mention that I did not know how to drive a standard so … of course they loaded me into a standard “Tracker” with a co pilot and cut me loose on the main “busy” streets to drive this vehicle to the site.

I am writing this .. so yes I learned quickly how to drive a standard.. It was awesome.. I needed to learn and I did !!

During my time working with the dealership I learned a lot of new skills by listening, watching and participating at every opportunity to improve my skills. I would bring car brochures home and read everything I could about the products . I am sure I drove everyone crazy with my questions!! I loved to see my sales up on that white sales board.

That first Opportunity opened up many doors for me. Through networking at that position I ended up getting another really good job at one of our local hotels as their corporate sales manager. I came up with some ideas on how to market our services by asking the kitchen to make up some sandwich and dessert baskets for me that I delivered to local commercial businesses.

I will share the best kept sales secret that I learned.. if you sweeten up the gatekeeper with deliciousness they will “ help” get your product to whoever needs to see it! This technique has never failed me! Be respectful to everyone!!

I guess all those years working in the strip clubs and waitressing really did provide me with the skills I needed to break into the sales industry which is of course being personable, good presentation, being consistent, being honest and never being afraid to ask for the sale.!!

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