Passion over Reason

I met my second husband in a most unusual place. At an unusual time in my life. I was ready for companionship. (I caution any young ladies that think getting into a long-term relationship in your early 20s is a good idea, maybe step back and take a moment to think about it.) I will use caution in the telling of this part of my story because I do know that some gentle folk reading this will recognize themselves.

At this point in my life it was just me and my young son, my girls have either returned to their homes or we’re out on their own. Even after their time with me I kept in close contact… until I couldn’t.

There comes a time in life when young people want to stand on their own and learn from their own mistakes and successes. Who am I to say any different I’d stepped out on my own so very young (12 or 13) so I understood their need. I could have shared the real life examples to share my experience’s but I didn’t feel that they needed to know that level of trauma so early.

So they grew up and I moved on to a new relationship with a young man that truly intrigued me. Needless to say the new relationship did not go over very well with my older sons father, but he was unable to provide what I needed in the form of any type of security.

It needs to be said… I really did love that man, but he was not trustworthy, and unstable and did not make good choices for himself. So to my son “if you’re reading this your dad was not a bad guy”, he was just a bad guy for me. We met of course when I was still dancing and he loved that fast life, I had enough of the fast life after my first husband was murdered and I chose to bring a new life into this world.

So my responsibility of course was now to that little boy … and I failed him miserably I had mentioned in an earlier edition of my story that his life was not easy either, so when we talk about generational curses this would be a prime example I made that child suffer the fate of losing his Mom because of the bad choice that I made in a partners.

Better times!!

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