My Brain hurts..

Going back-and-forth between the different times in my life is not easy, you’ve noticed that sometimes it is a couple of days between my posts. The reason for that is that sometimes in the process of telling the story it’s just open the floodgates of feelings and emotions I tried to forgot about.

Or sometimes it’s because there is someone else involved that I really need to reach out to them and have talk before sharing any information. I like to think that people are comfortable with their role in my life. But you can never be sure about how they feel when you’re sharing a certain story that is a part of their lives. In the sharing of my story I have to be aware and cognizant of what may be a sensitive area for them as well.

I’m going to use that as my introduction to the next important person in my life. I met this young woman who also had young children and a husband living close by. As I mentioned in an earlier post she and it just seem to Click!! Which is odd because I normally don’t open myself up to new relationships but there was something about her…

Maybe it was the shared pain I felt radiating from her at that time. I truly believe that she was feeling the strain of that relationship but didn’t really have a great support system So I felt her energy as turmoil, I really liked her so I had to find a way to get to know her better and so I opened up to allow another person into my life.

Now let me tell you this particular relationship started off with a bang literally, very early on in our friendship I happen to be sitting at her house with her and the babies when her husband came home and they got into a little bit of a spat, Her husband was a complete narcissist and his solution at that time during that argument was to throw himself “through” their back patio door to make it look like she had injured him in case the neighbours phoned the police because of the noise.

I guess he hadn’t thought that through very well because I was sitting right there at the kitchen table and saw the whole thing. The relationship between this young lady and this gentleman was toxic. So even though it was really not my place to get involved…… I did!

As our relationship involved I realize just how desperately this young lady had to get away from this guy. I’m sure he was perfectly fine to other people, but he was definitely not a good mate to my friend and she didn’t know what to do to be free of his narcissistic control. And of course all this craziness is going on with those babies right smack in the middle of it.

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