Loving Man!!

The next part of the story is difficult to talk about. But it is a part of my story that must be told and it is an important one.

One evening I was sitting in a restaurant at about 12:30 AM waiting for one of my friends to finish her shift at the bar when a young man went roaring by on his motorcycle.

I didn’t pay much attention I had my fill of men during the day so I was just relaxing and having a cup of tea and waiting for my friend at the end of our shifts.

All of a sudden he is pulling up in front of me ( I was sitting in the window seat) . Once again I am aware that he is there but not too interested in what he is doing. He was determined to get my attention one way or another and when he didn’t get it he came inside and parked himself across from me at the table.

That was the beginning

Little did I know at that time that this young man would become the love of my life and that in two short years we would be married in three years after that I would be widowed. I should go back and start our story from there. This young man showed me love. protected me and built me up!! I felt loved by him and he brought out the secrets and dried my tears. His family excepted me and showed me love and I got to see what a real family look like. It was all a very new experience to me.

No that being said when I first met my first husband he did not know that I was a dancer. He also did not know what the time I just turned 15 He was in his early 20s and had a good job.

Hindsight being 2020 I sometimes wonder if maybe my introducing him into my world was the cause of his downfall that is another guilt that I carry. But that is another part of the story that I will get into a later point . We were young, we were invincible. we were in love.

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