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Lovers and Best Friends!!

During this time in my life I met not only my future husband but also my very best friend and partner in crime.

This friend and I spent a very large part of the next six or seven years pretty much connected at the hip. We worked together out of town and if I was fighting with “the old man” I would move in with my girl! This friendship was the most important relationship that I had had up until then, and 40 years later we are still close.

Our lives intertwined all through those years working the clubs and getting away together when we weren’t working. The one constant I always had was never having to worry about having to prove myself to her and I loved her unconditionally as well. Oh by the way did I happen to mention that she was not a fan of my husband.

My lover was intense and very healthy physically (translates to built like a mac truck). He was very intrigued by my business and the money that we were making as dancers. He would sometimes come to the clubs and hang out with me while I was working. It was normally frowned upon and management would ask him to leave if it was too often. That being said we loved to spend time together whenever we could.

My husband seemed to be getting pulled deeper and deeper into my lifestyle. He discovered that he like to do cocaine And that was the drug of choice back in the day.

He started to get into things that were very heavy and unfortunately some of the relationships that he made from the people that I knew did not serve him well. He began to change, the drugs were changing him and snorting Coke wasn’t enough anymore. It went from snorting to smoking to intervenous injections and still it never seem to be enough.

I brought my husband with me to Florida for Spring break one year he absolutely loved spring break and the glam. He decided that he wanted that life as well.

In order to get into that life and make the money that he was looking at making, he had to get into some pretty shady stuff. He made relationships with people that were very dangerous, and several of our friends were murdered during that time, this is a part in our lives where the beginning of the end for him began.

He got into an altercation with one of my bosses at the strip club and opened his face up with a beer bottle by smashing him in the face over a comment he made about me! My man was definitely a hot head. Now I worked the clubs and knew these people years before he and I met. So I was given a heads up that someone would be coming after him and if I wanted him to stay alive to get him away from where we were.

He would not back down or leave with me…

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