Little Dancers all in a Row!!

The adult entertainment world is it very own very unique family of sorts. We would always see the worst in people, after they’ve had a lot to drink or they have had a fight with their significant other. Or people out to let off steam ..

Sometimes that meant we were managing people acting like complete a holes “ to somebody they didn’t know, usually the poor dancer or server who had the luck of the draw “ Why ?? To prove something to a group of friends that they happen to be hanging out with. Even women customers had the strangest requests or worst yet.. be on the hunt for “ that special thing”

We girls could get super competitive, we were entertainers, but on the flip side we were also our biggest support . no one understood better than another performer as to what our lives were like. I mean we were constantly surrounded by large protective males of course in that industry that is just the nature of the beast.

They were great at helping to reduce the issues with customers touching.. But were pretty useless when it came to dealing with female issues, thoughts, feelings, and hurts that no one sees or needs. You see we were a commodity we made them a lot of money and an exchange they kept their commodity safe physically. But our emotional states were addressed with a nice Martini or 10.

For a girl on the run from the world it was the safest place for me to be. Unfortunately one day I happen to be in my own hometown working in one of the clubs and in my father wandered in. It was the weirdest thing. He just sat down to enjoy the show I think he actually said to somebody at another table … that’s my daughter … yuck!!

I’ve tried to explain to my younger sisters the difference in how he treated me and my older brothers in comparison to how he treated his young family. To them he was a good provider he was a nurturer I don’t think those kids ever really saw hardship at least not the way that we did. My father was the reason that my brothers went to prison , he set up the job, they got caught they took the blame. He gets off Scott free not once but multiple times.

And it seemed like every time he opened his mouth to talk to me when we weren’t with the younger kids.. it was to say something totally stupid and highly inappropriate.. like do you think your girlfriends would work for me??

Another one of my favourites of course was hey are you and that girl lesbians, You always seem to be hanging out together… We were friends.

I made the decision pretty much early on that I had to completely sever that relationship from my life, which is kind of hard to do considering you know he still lived with my little sisters and brother and his wife who was really wonderful person and didn’t deserve his shit.

I had absolutely no intention of severing my relationships with them!

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