Learning, Living , Loving!!

I kind of had to push myself today… but I did make myself a promise , that I would continue the story until the very end no matter what.

There are times in my life that are difficult to talk about just due to the personal nature and the fact that in some of these instances it was not just me involved. I will be very respectful of those individuals who shall remain nameless but I shall refer to by association.

Great now the “disclaimers”are all done ..,I continue my story in this town with my young son and “my young ladies” who are now teenagers… let me tell you there’s nothing like having a house full of females that poor kid didn’t stand a chance.

Luckily for him he was a cute little bugger so he ended up being spoiled rotten, but he was loveable too so he could get away with pretty much anything.and at some point he might like to share his story.. His life was going to end up being a struggle as well..another time another place…:

The universe had other plans for me right about that time. I happen to make another really good friend which you know is very rare in this day and age it’s an interesting story of how we met.

Laundry day!!!

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