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Instant Adulthood!!

I’m gonna call the next section of my story a New Beginning. I guess the line had been drawn in the sand literally for me. I had a choice to return back to foster care and put my trust in the system!!!

No…even though I loved the relationships that I developed with that first placement “Trust” is hard earned , keep that in mind as my story progresses

Or…..step outside the norm and figure out really quick how to support myself without getting arrested or breaking the law intentionally.

Now remember I am only 14 ish yrs old. Luckily I was tall .. long legged and coltish.. I developed very early physically and I learned early how to spot attention! I was shy ( yes it is true!! ) but I did not miss a thing, and I had great retention so it was very easy for me to meld into the back ground. When it always feels like you’re being pursued, then make sure you pick the time and place to “get caught” .

I Started to meet people close around my grandmothers neighbourhood and I happen to meet a young man (whose cousins were going to Florida for a couple of weeks) and asked if I wanted to go along.

Working odd jobs for spending cash as I was footloose and fancy free those days I told my grandmother I had a plan and off I went!

We were headed to Daytona for bike week then farther down the coastline. It was awesome the clothing of choice were bathing suit tops or bottoms T-shirts and tight jean shorts.

My new friends cousins are dancers working the circuit so a few days each spot.. Daytona, Ft Lauderdale, Miami.. Here is were I got my first “id” I couldn’t get into the clubs without id? This was new to me but “My New Mentors” had that covered!!

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