Another look back…

I had to kind of circle back a little bit because I’ve had a lot of people make comments about how much information I’ve left out of this story..

For example how I had hitch hiked back-and-forth across the United States and Canada many times by the time I was 13. East coast to West I discovered people are pretty much the same everywhere, you get a sixth sense about people who may have bad intentions very early on in life when you needed to fight to survive.

And it’s not all flowers and bubble baths let me tell you, living on the road can be really hard. I spent many nights literally walking .. just putting one foot in front of the other for hours on end or sometimes days. I used to love walking on dark country roads late at night on a full Moon .. the eerie calm just listening to my footsteps and the night creatures singing their songs, Those moments were very peaceful,

There were also days and nights spent wondering when my next meal is going to come, when I was wet, cold tired, when I was sick and weary and so very lonely.

As poor as the quality of my life was for me at that time on the road it was still 1 million times better than where I was coming from. I talked to a family member back home and they told me that they were considering putting my picture in the paper as a missing person unless I came “home”

I was pretty quick to get them to change their mind on that particular item by just letting them know that if they did they would never hear from me again and I was definitely ready to keep that promise. 

What was really lucky for me is that I was able to attract people that actually cared for me even though they didn’t know me, it still amazes me that people went out of their way to try to help me. But of course in my state of mind it was always in the back of my mind “what was in it for them” I wasn’t worthy so ultimately they must’ve wanted something from me.

My freedom really came when I learned how to make money, and of course as a young female with no education and no protection I used the only tool that I really had, which was a beautiful body, legs that don’t end and my brain., I was never interested in trading sex for my needs I couldn’t stand the thought of having someone touch me , I think at that point, if someone tried to force me, someone would of died. I really didn’t care for foolishness. Even at that age!!

You would be amazed at how many predators there are out there that look to groom children for their own use, because of my skills I was able to spot them a mile away and to stay away or in one or two cases fight and run. I have been shot, hurt in ways no woman (let alone young child) should ever be.

People might be scandalized to think that at 14 years old I was working as a stripper for money, but at that point in time I was making big money and I got myself a home, I bought furniture, I learned to cook, I took care of my home. I paid my bills, When I needed to learn something I did , I took care of my needs and did not need to seek consent or approval from anyone! In my own home behind locked doors .. I was safe!!

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