I know that I’ve said that I am going to take a break from Rebels Story and I am … but taking a break does not mean that I am not going to finish the last chapter of “that” relationship.

Some relationships were not meant to be… our marriage was doomed from the beginning and many relationships that we developed together while married have intentionally been left out of my story!

If you are not in my “present” then you did not play a “supporting role”.. in my life at that time.

I ended the serious drinking, with some medical assistance, and I’m slowly working towards reclaiming “me”. There is so much that I learned about myself in the whole process. I was kidding myself by thinking that “I was a strong independent woman” while allowing myself to be absolutely, completely, manipulated to the point that I “ lost myself”. I have never felt so lonely in a relationship!

So I walk away from that relationship a little battered and bruised, but able to breathe again, now the work really begins.

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