Back to Reality!!

So the house is rebuilt everything was replaced and life went back to the way it was before the fire.

We were still fighting about my son and I was just getting unhappier and more depressed every day our alcohol consumption was crazy.

We had a house party to celebrate getting back into our house, and we blew through close to $8000 on alcohol and it was gone in just over 3 days, that was how long the party lasted!!

I decided that something had to be done. I needed to get out of where we were, my mental health was so poor and I felt so out of control, I made arrangements to have my oldest son moved back home, so I could move him with me to a new province so I had both my kids with me.

I left both of my very close friends behind but I figured that if I didn’t make the choice to leave at that point in time I wouldn’t be alive in another year. I believe that they always travelled with me anyway ( always in my heart).

Of course the fighting with my spouse didn’t end because we changed provinces, he was still determined that my children would not be a part of my life except for his son. I had one of my girls come and stay with us for a while, she was an adult but she needed a helping hand and I was happy to have her. He managed to have her removed as well as my son from our home when he got caught cheating!

The kids actually found out about it before I did and they told me, so he blamed the kids for telling me about his cheating and made the house miserable until the kids were gone. And my mental health took another nosedive.

No I gotta say that I can’t completely put the blame on him for all of this because I let it happen, I didn’t fight for myself, maybe if I had felt worthy it would’ve been different but life events at already taken so much away from me I was tired. Too tired to fight for “me”!!

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