One thing I do have to say that going back to your home after it’s been extinguished.. with an insurance adjuster and they tell you not to worry you have guaranteed replacement value makes you feel awesome.

Finding out how much damage there was and how complicated this insurance claim was going to be was a whole different story. They completely rebuilt the house, attached outside deck, fencing and landscaping. It took almost a year!

Inside of the house was gutted to the outside studs, the main floor was dropped into the ! basement and then completely emptied out Windows and doors are all replaced, new roof , all plumbing fixtures etc. etc. etc. kitchen floors everything. The fire got super hot because of the wood panelling in the basement so the concern was that the house expanded and that the basement would have an issue leaking so everything down there had to be resealed as well which meant on all new electrical plumbing etc. etc.

So I did get to have some fun planning, picking new kitchen fixtures, and bathroom fixtures and paint colours, and floors. We had an older home that had original hardwood floors so we got to replace the whole main floor with hardwood floors, not engineered, “thick hardwood” floors.

The thing I didn’t like dealing with the insurance company was; that you had a couple of options, they would just pay you out x amount for content or you could replace every single item that was lost on a list that they had created from the scene!You can’t do it all at once, you do it in increments because you have to pay for it upfront and then they pay you back

I made an arrangement with the insurance company for large purchases at a different couple of large stores, furniture store and electronics. That way I could just go in and buy all my appliances, replace all the furniture, accents, lights, etc. all in one store. For Household goods and bedding and all the kitchen stuff and bathroom stuff I called ahead to one of the big stores and ask them if they would except a very large check and then if they could cash it if there was anything left over and that was over $10,000. You know it took less than 2 1/2 hours to spend that money. Three women a line of shopping carts we Gotter done.

You don’t realize just how much stuff you have until you have to look at every single teeny tiny piece. Trying to take the kids shopping for a full wardrobe is a nightmare so you do bits and bites. You have to try to make sure that you replace everything!!

I am very thankful that I had insurance, I think that was one lesson that I appreciate being taught very young, do you children a favour teach them how to protect themselves. “Life” happens and they should be prepared!

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