Lost Boy!!

So to continue with less drama I’m going to be very objective about this part of my life. It’s hard for me to talk about this time, because I carry a-lot of guilt!

It’s important that I get this right because both of my sons, (Who we separated from each other consider themselves brothers even after all that happen to keep them apart.). They may one day read this!!

My last blog entry left off with me just beginning a relationship with “this” young man. Now I was working a good job, and I had a nice condo so he moved in with me and we became a family. Things were moving along as relationships do and my son and he were getting to know each other. ..

My son could be a handful and he spent a lot of time with his grandma. I provided all his daily care, and love and snuggles..but every once in a while I needed a break. When he was born we lived together with my “fostered mother” . She and I maintained our relationship all through those years & she was my coach for his birth… she was crazy about him.. and he her .:: only grandchild and the only grandma he knew.

The new step father and son were still feeling each other out and there was some turmoil, My son was very active and needed consistency and routine, It was A tough adjustment for someone who was not used to children.

Mother Nature had other plans at that time for me and I conceived again!! I was excited and so looking forward to a new baby and my son was excited he would be a “big brother”.. more changes to the family we were growing!!

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