People who know me who see that heading are gonna have a little chuckle…

Of course if I have to finish the story where I left it off we really have to go back and talk about the kids. And I mean babies really, our children were so young , we would put them all together for special occasions like “ Chicken Pock sleep overs.. get them all through it once .. and she had a large extended family and she was so house proud. But exhausted between her two little ones and emotionally a little bit of a wreck.. but hey.. as I said “I totally got it” we connected through turmoil and my need to take care of her!! I understood her fear and uncertainty and lack of trust.. I got to focus on her and hide a little more of myself!!

Now I could go on about those stories…but they are really not mine to tell, I got to share the life of another fantastic woman and friend.

We were penpals for a while I used to love going into town and picking out special pieces of paper just for her, she needed someone to pay attention just a little bit and I loved her enough to make sure that she got a little sunshine that day.

It’s kind of funny it seemed that even though she was so far away like several provinces she was always on my mind I knew when she needed a phone call, it was really weird but that is the power of connection and the letters at that time was the way that I could really reach out to her. I always remember our time of tea parties and hair wreaths and sunny days and beaches and blonde haired kids…

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