New Friends and Opportunities..

This edition of my story is a little bitter sweet. I have been sharing my relationship about my close friend and everything we did together and how much we had gone through together (she really saved my life more than once) so it’s really hard to say that at this point in my life I actually lost that friendship for a little while!!

Now I have to say that I absolutely understand what her reasonings were at that time. She needed to make choices for her own life. Her happy place was thinking about being a wife and mother she wanted that stability and babies, unfortunately our relationship caused problems with her and her soon to be husband ( she really wanted to leave that life that we lived behind,) so she chose what was right for her! She made the right choice… her kids are awesome and she lives for her grand babies. But at that time I felt very much alone!!

Now I still had the girls and my son but it’s not the same when you don’t have that female companionship, and she knew me better than anybody in the whole wide world, so when I needed to clear my head mentally she would be my sounding board.

I mourned the loss of that relationship.., years later I went and knocked on her door. I was hoping that time enough had passed and all had settled down enough now that she had her babies and was settled in with her family!

That reunion was years into the future of the story so I’m going to stop that part right here.

I worked at the hotel and was enjoying working with the catering staff and learning all kinds of new skills .

I was in my early 20’s 3 kids, my little one and 2 teenage young ladies!! Full time job.. school..and handling my business … which right then was my my kids.

I still had no support from my first sons father so no child support, no help of any type for his son. He also had no parental rights. I never barred him from seeing or spending time with his son, I actually made it very easy for him to spend time with his son. We even tried to make a family unit .. that did not last long!! Drugs made his decisions for him and I was out!!

Right around this time I also made a new friend !! ( Now for some that is maybe easier than for others) I was totally closed off to new relationships and have always kept to myself because.. remember we trust No One!! But this woman got to me.. We were in similar situations and I felt an instant bond to her. She was married with 2 very young children and she seemed to need someone for support as much as I did. This new friendship is still going “strong” 30 yrs later!

My lovely girls were growing and soon would be moving on to their own stories. I love to hear from them when they find the time.. but think about them often!!

I have to say that If you have the love to share there are children, and teens that could use the support.. it takes a village sometimes and maybe it is just a matter of a little break from home and some personal development from someone other than their parents to make a huge impact on a young life!!

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