It’s Sunday at about 6 o’clock and I’m actually adding a little side story to this whole site. The reason why I haven’t blogged till now is that in the process of trying to upgrade my site I ended up losing all my blogs. Yupe they totally went on a walk about!!

Now this is my story ..: so you would think that wouldn’t be an issue losing some information that came out of my past, However you got to think about the time that it takes to edit and to make sure there’s no spelling errors. Plus I’ve been relatively gentle with the telling of my story ( as I keep getting reminded by people who were there..) and if I had to re-open all that again I would probably add a whole lot more information that you guys really don’t need to know.

I will be continuing with Rebels Story very soon I just have a couple of few things that I need to clean up before I post the next story in the blog. Clean up as in fix the mistakes that I made when I was trying to upgrade my site.

I want to thank you so so very much for reading my story. I actually hit over 1000 views on one of those stories just recently and really makes me feel great that people are getting enjoyment out of these updates..

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