The Power of Education….

Education….. powerful to me, because what it gave me then… (hope).

It stills makes me feel good to learn something new! A renewed sense of self ..the ability to control what information I share and how I make my choices regarding life.

Remember I trusted no one or anything until vetted to my expectations. And even then….

Going back to school to upgrade and even re-educate myself really gave me confidence and it opened a lot of doors for me throughout the rest of my life.

At that time it was really important to me that the kids were getting a good foundation. I can guarantee you …that if they are reading this part of the blog there will be a “oh my I remember when.” I hope their memories are filled with love. Remember filling up the car with kids and going to the beach camping, and I mean overnight in the car!! Campfires beach days, or a good old game of “left right left right” . Bedtime stories.. ( yes teenagers like them to)! Even though they probably hated me for packing up all their clothes yada yada yada when they wouldn’t put their stuff away … Music ladies… always.

I pulled one of those young ladies butt out of the bar .. hmm maybe more than once.. etc etc. I retrieved a 12 yr old female off the lap of a man in a scuzzy bar he had his hand on her butt , this was in tough part of town.. but that same child slept with a knife under her pillow!?

Another shy young tween who just needed a break from “her reality.” These were “my” kids and looking to me to show them how to grow up and be responsible adults. I needed to make a plan to become one myself.

I wanted to provide more for us but still be able to spend the time that I and the kids needed together so after a quick bout of adult education to refresh my memory I started applying for jobs. I applied at one the largest car dealerships in our town and had a very nice chat with the manager there.

They actually made me a flexible offer that I could work at the dealership selling cars for them they offered me a car that I wouldn’t have to pay for and I would be working on commissions. I was concerned about this because I still have to pay child care, but we worked out a deal where he would pay me a minimum so that I could cover my rent and child care as long as I covered it in my commissions.

I took a day to go home to think about the offer and to weigh the pros and cons. I talked it over with the kids and then actually had go through my closet to see if I actually had anything in my wardrobe that would be appropriate to wear to that kind of job.…

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