A New Plan and Family

Now I’ll tell you it is not the easiest thing in the world to completely step out of a life that is comfortable and supportive, to try to start a life not knowing what your next step is going to be. I had a new little body that was soon coming into my world and I needed a plan.

True to form even though I had people around me willing to help me, I chose to take whatever jobs I could find to put money together for us. I worked cleaning businesses, I waitressed and picked up any odd jobs that would give me the cash I needed to buy the supplies for the baby. I was still scrubbing walls right up to my last few weeks of my pregnancy.

I was staying with my former foster mother, and she was fostering other children at that time as well. She was in the process of stepping away from fostering and I had been helping her for a few years involved with the kids and helping out with volunteering and emergency relief for children in crisis through her employer with CFS. I had no criminal record and was more than suited to provide nurturing for these children, I was non judgemental had experienced some of the same traumas and was loving and wanted better for all of these kids!!

I went through all the steps that I needed in order to be able to foster as well and when I left my foster mothers home I brought one of the girls with me. This young lady and I were already living together and had developed a relationship I didn’t want to see her having to go to someone that she didn’t know, as my foster mom was ending her contracts for fostering ,she was comfortable with me and a move would not be too stressful.

I moved a block away with the kids and my sister into 3 bedroom suite so that my young lady would not have to move out of her comfortable area, same school, same friends.

Over the next few years I had a total of four higher risk females in my care and love them all to pieces. I totally and completely hope that the time that they shared with me actually made a difference in their lives, I know that it totally made a difference in mine.

I have always tried to maintain a relationship with “ my” girls now they are adults. And I’ve been very lucky to be able to have a little peek into their lives every once in a while.

And lucky enough to share in their lives when they are capable of sharing.

Now that I was on my own again with children in tow and I needed to make another plan on how I was going to be able to improve the quality of life for all of us. So back to school I went. I’ve been out of school for five years and definitely needed some upgrading so I’d bundle up my little one in the morning and walk him over to daycare and take the bus to school after getting the kids off to their classes. After school I would come home and get the kids organized with their dinners and homework etc. I would still pick up shifts waitressing when I could, I really didn’t have the type of education that I needed in order to get into a business job. And I needed to fix that so that I could work hours to accommodate the care of the kids. Our story was about to change again!!

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