Separated Again!!

Well… after our exciting adventures my brother and I were separated and sent back to Canada. I of course went back to my province. And he went back to his. My grandmother was absolutely furious but she understood the need to get to know my brothers.

She decided at that point in my life it was time for me to learn something important about being a woman, she really clarified the relationship between men and women for me.

My lovely grandmother supported herself and family during the early part of this century by running a rooming house where a gentleman could stay and procure some lady company for a price! My father once told me that he believed watching the goings on as a young man “through the keyhole” is what caused his truancy!! My dad was a going concern as a young man, but that is not my story!

So back to the importance of self-care as my grandmother explained it to me. Of course she had to ask the question if I was sexually active and we got into the whole discussion about how I was introduced to sex.

Once again my grandmother was furious at the whole process that allowed my mother to take off with her grandchildren and not provide them proper care. The relationship between my grandmother and my mother was very complicated, and they each have their own version of what happened. I’m not gonna disrespect either woman by pretending to understand. And so I’m not going discuss their relationship any further.

My grandmother felt it was her duty to show me the things that a woman needs to do, I had already started my period at that point and my grandmother was concerned about me getting pregnant. She took me to get the birth control pill and showed me how to properly use contraceptives .

She shared hilarious stories as she explained to me what to look for on a man to insure that he was actually “clean” and about how they used to use “cotton balls” in her day to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy. My fancy grandmother showed me how to take care of my female needs , how to be clean , how to be proud of me and she taught me to love my body! My grandmother tried to step in and protect me and offer what motherly advice she possibly could in the absence of the mother I so desperately needed.

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  1. Grandma was wise, and caring.

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