Scottish Twins and Big Brothers!!

It’s been a few days since I’ve written on this blog because I had to stop to take some time to reminisce. It was a complicated relationship that I had with my brothers as we only really met as teenagers. My Scottish twin was only 11 months older than I was! Did we remember the same things? We were all together once , the 3 of us as babies.. That is another story that is not mine to tell!!

Now back to that fancy grandmother and being reintroduced to my brothers. They were a province away and lived in a different world. They had a new family and brothers and sisters!! Did they know “our story” did they remember me?

I was so desperate to be a part of a family again. My brothers and I spent some time alone together And it became apparent very quickly that my closest brother and I were going to be trouble. My older brother was too cool to be troubled with another younger sister. Even though he did tell me he remembered me.

The trouble started when in our enthusiasm to be together, we decided to thank both his parents and my grandmother, by running away together!!! . We made it across the border into the States and to Tennessee. We learned about each other and as quiet as he was I was his polar opposite, but you could tell we were closely related. We forged a relationship on the road, he felt so responsible for me and I loved having”big brothers”. We camped away from the roads at night and sat by campfires sharing life stories and experiences, my brother needed family!!

I truly believe that siblings that he lived with were not impressed with me stealing him away!

Scottish Twins!!

Stories of my brothers continue in my future as now our lives are intertwined.

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