Accidents reveal truths!!

To say that a new story was beginning in my life at that time would be an understatement.

Right around the time of trying to get settled in to the bachelor apartment that my father and his wonderful new partner we’re living in, I got my first introduction to the my next sexual “partner”. I am using the word partner here loosely as I was not given the option to say no, because I shut down and just let it happen! Sad thing is I really liked this person and other than the sex , he was my first friend! This was going on when I was 10, he was 17! I would sneak out of my house and wander around all over the city at night!! Some times with “him” most times on my own . I would take our metro system or buses wherever my whims took me! I loved the freedom… and I was invisible!

Being invisible is important while trying to stay under the radar and it certainly help me jump back and forth across the border when I needed to. I started to stay away from home for longer periods of time at night and my father had no idea what to do with me. Meanwhile I had another 2 little sisters born for me to adore..and a few yrs later another brother.. I was pretty much doing my own thing when I was not in school. My freedom was about to be curtailed by a speeding driver early one morning on my way to high school , all I really remember is seeing a large circular light above me and waking up in traction, I was told by my classmates who got off the city bus when I did, that I flew through the air across 4 lanes and as high as a gas station sign and “bounced”. I had my left leg wrapped around my neck and my right leg broken in multiple places. Needless to say I was a mess!! I wanted my mother!!

My accident would reveal just how permanent my visit to my father would be, and how messed up the relationship with my mother was going to get! She did not make the trip to see me, I was crushed and of course this was the perfect opportunity for my father to rub in the fact that my mother does not care about me . He delivered the news that she would not come .. “her excuse was her husband wouldn’t let her come”. He was slowly eroding the relationship between my mother and I.

It was a really hard recovery for me mentally as well as physically both my legs have been broken in the car accident and I was in traction for quite a long time then, when I got released from the hospital I had casts on both legs and I had to basically to learn how to re-walk again.

This is a time in a child’s life where she really would love to have her mama, I didn’t feel very loved. I found out five or six years later that an insurance check that I had been sent to me from A policy my grandmother had bought for me had actually been forged by my dad and cashed I never saw a penny . and he didn’t have the right to any of that money

I still suffer pain from that injury many many years later and there was a large settlement that was won for me, my father and his crooked lawyer spent every penny of that settlement short of $5000 on himself and at the race track. I was not in his care that money was supposed to be in trust! And you would think as a parent that it would’ve been more important for him to ensure that I would be taken care of in the future because of the seriousness of these injuries but no

I don’t know why he got him self involved in my life other than to just send a big “up yours” to my mother he never cared for me the way that he cared for his other children he stole from me at every opportunity he could, he stole my childhood and my mother from me!

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